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Dear Fellow Poles,
I just visited your website and was happy to see all the Polish events and attractions posted there. I admire the work you are doing and your PolishYoungstown website. I wanted to let you know that we also are trying to keep Polonia alive and proud, by organizing events and promoting local Polish events.
As I have learned, Toledo Polonia used to be much bigger and more active in the past, but is currently on the decline. We still have a great number of organizations, which work hard, such as: genealogical society, Toledo-Poznan alliance, Polish radio show, folk dance group, etc... I do not represent an organization or a business, even though I work for local Polish Pride gift store and I am a member of several Polish organizations. I only moved to Toledo two years ago and am hoping for more events and more active Polonia in the future.
I have contacted the PHH founders, and, with their permission, organized two Polish Happy Hour events: in May 2009 and in January 2010. Both events were great success! (photo gallery: http://www.poland2010.com/phhgallery.htm). 
My current Polish events are: Polish lessons, and a trip to Poland.  All the trip information is also available on the website: www.poland2010.com. I could help with any questions about the trip. My email is lidia@polishpride.com.
I would be happy to promote any Youngstown events in Toledo, and I could hopefully attend some of your events in the future. I hope this is the beginning of Toledo-Youngstown Polish friendship!
With regards,

Lidia Ebersole
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