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Dear Fellow Poles, My name is Lidia Ebersole and I am writing to you from Toledo, OH. I just visited your website and was happy to see all the Polish events and attractions posted there. I admire the work you are doing and your Polish youngstown website. I wanted to let you know that we (I and my many friends) are trying to keep Toledo Polonia alive and proud, by organizing events and promoting local Polish events. As I have learnt, Toledo Polonia used to be much bigger and more active in the past, but is currently on the decline. We still have a great number of organizations, which work hard, such as: genealogical society, Toledo-Poznan alliance, Polish radio show, folk dance group, etc... I do not represent an organization or a business, even though I work for local Polish Pride gift store and I am a member of several Polish organizations. I have contacted the PHH founders in Washington DC and, with their permission, organized two Polish Happy Hour events: in May 2009 and in January 2010. Both events were great success! (photo gallery: I only moved to Toledo two years ago and am hoping for more events and more active Polonia in the future. My current Polish events are: Polish lessons, and a trip to Poland. Even though Youngstown is a bit away from Toledo, I thought I would send you my offer of the trip to Poland. If anyone from your area was interested in joining our group to Poland, they could join us for the departure flights in Detroit, or catch a connection from Cleveland to Chicago. As I am organizing the trip as a non-for profit event, the price is kept really low, and is getting lower with every new participant. Two trip options are available: 11 or 14-days. We currently have 13 people signed up for the 14-day trip. I could help with any questions about the trip. My phone number is: 419-704-3578 and email: or I would be happy to promote any Youngstown events in Toledo, and I could hopefully attend some of your events in the future. Attached you will find trip itinerary as well as the trip application form. All the trip information is also available on the website:, which I created myself for the trip's purpose. I will be hoping to receive positive response and may it be the beginnig of Toledo-Youngstown Polish friendship! With regards, Lidia Ebersole POLISH PRIDE

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