What is a Presentation Ball?

A Presentation Ball is a formal event at which young gentlemen and young ladies are officially presented to society as being ready to assume the role of an adult in our culture. The Presentation Ball is one of the most glamorous events that a young person will ever attend, perhaps superseded only by their wedding day.

The presentation itself is one of the proudest moments for parents as well as for the young adults. In a darkened ballroom, your name is called, and a spotlight illuminates your visage as you radiate confidence, assurance and self-reliance. After hearing your accomplishments read by the Master of Ceremonies, you strut throughout the ballroom, and bow ceremoniously, to the applause of all guests.

Though a Presentation Ball is dedicated to elegance-with dapper gentlemen in black-tie and elegant young ladies in ball gowns of pure white, dining and dancing to the harmonies of wonderful music. The Crystal Presentation Ball is distinguished by a devotion to promoting Polish culture, in all its forms. An educational program is a critical component of the preparation for the Presentation.

Participation gives young people an opportunity to gain in respect, social grace, conversation skills, etiquette, self-confidence and self-assurance. All of these are life skills that will be put to good use with colleges and employers.

Escorts: The Ball Committee is soliciting participation from male and female ROTC cadets from area universities. Participants will be matched with a Cadet to accompany them in for presentation and to dance with them for the Grand Polonaise. Further time together during the evening will be optional. In addition to these escorts, participants are of course welcome to bring any friends they would like to the event.


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