Piast Meeting Review & Survey

On Sunday, January 11, members of The Polish Arts Club of Youngstown were treated with the visit of three representatives of the Piast Institute, driving in from Hamtramck, Michigan. A group of about 36 were in attendance for the program as was the local media. Read their coverage here.

Thaddeus Radzilowski, President of the Piast Institute, emphasized the importance that we the ancestors of immigrants, retain our identity, not be invisible and become public. The fact being that the identification of ancestry removed from the 2010 census has further removed the identity of who we are culturally by listing all as "white"when applicable. There is no white culture; the difference of an ancestor of Norwegian immigrants and an ancestor of Italian immigrants do not have a great deal in common. The difference identifies us as to who we really are. Those immigrants who came to the USA and created the lodges, clubs, churches did not work hard to only have their ancestry disappear.

A small percentage of the population will receive the Census Bureauís long form questionnaire, and it would behoove them to write in their ancestry. The Piast Institute will put efforts into getting the ancestry question back on the census form 2020.

Interesting statistics were revealed, i.e. 96% of "Polish"population were born in the United States, and Ohio is number 9 in the list of most Polish Americans in residence, NY being No. 1. Polish Americans in comparison to the general population in Mahoning County (5%) are better educated, likely to hold management positions and are generally wealthier.

As part of their effort to address this issue, Piast is asking our help. They have created a national survey of Polish Americans so they can provide the U.S. Census Bureau with an overview of the feelings of Poles in America. As of Sunday, Piast has received 1200 responses and would like to increase the number of surveys taken to 1500. With your help they can easily meet their target and provide the United States government with an accurate overview about Polish Americans in the U.S.

The survey is 49 questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Deadline is January 22, 2010. Make your voice heard here.