"An experience of a lifetime"... "Transformative"... "A home run"

These are some of the descriptions that we have heard you using to describing the events this weekend with the Mazowsze Polish Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. The workshop attracted more than 100 children, young people and adult singers and dancers from throughout the eastern United States. Special thanks go out to choreographer and Mazowsze historian Stas Kmiec who not only set the stage with his historical perspective, but lead a Q&A with legendary choreographer Witold Zapala and exceled as a coordinator with the Polish staff. Kudos for the well-attended Polish Arts Club of Youngstown Wigilia Dinner at The Youngstown Club go to Chair Angela Messenger. Her willingness to combine the performance event with the traditional dinner brought a huge response and a great deal for her to manage. It was a fitting way to conclude the PAC's 75th Anniversary year. On Monday, a number of us braved the snow to see the entire troupe perform at the State Theatre. Thanks to the Polish American Congress, Union of Poles and Cleveland Society of Poles for a fun Cast Party afterward. Photos and videos of the weekend's events are accessible from here.