Our Polish American Heritage Month celebration continues….  

The first film of our Polish Cinema Film Series to be screened in conjunction with our history classes is Ida (2014) Auggie Heschmeyer, Film Series Chair, says he chose this film because it represents a modern Poland looking backwards, rather than a Poland stuck in its past. “A huge number of Polish films of the last 50 years have dealt with the injustices suffered by the Polish people at the hands of the Nazis, painting the Polish people as nothing but victims,” says Heschmeyer. “Ida, however, feels modern in the fact that the film tries to come to terms with Poland's own involvement in the Holocaust, showing the Polish people as three-dimensional people, rather than blameless victims.” In addition to the content of the film looking into the past, the filmmaking, itself, represents this same theme. Written and directed by acclaimed director Pawel Pawlikowski, the film utilizes old-style filmmaking techniques to tell its story. Pawlikowski chooses to keep his camera on a tripod and shoot the film in black and white. The result is something much more potent and affecting than any film of a similar ilk. Check out the trailer HERE

The film is a bookend of sorts to the film we collaborated with last month at the Youngstown Jewish Film Festival. This critically acclaimed, intimate drama is about a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland who is on the verge of taking her vows. Before she does, she is told she must spend the weekend with Wanda, her only living relative. Both women start a journey not only to find their family's tragic story, but also to see who they really are and where they belong. They question what they used to believe in. Both of them are trying to go on living but only one eventually can. Critics describe it as “the latest masterpiece in a powerful tradition.” Join us Thursday, October 23 from 6-8 PM at First Presbyterian Church for screening and discussion. FREE   Bring your own beverage and maybe a snack to share.

Pierogi Class Rescheduled for Sunday
Pierogi are considered to be the Polish national dish and are served in a variety of forms and tastes (ranging from sweet to salty to spicy) in Polish cuisine. Pierogi were traditionally peasant food but eventually spread in popularity throughout all social classes, including nobles. They are served at many festivals, playing an important role as a cultural dish. At the recent Pierogi Festival in Kraków, 30,000 pierogi were consumed daily!! So what better time to host one of Chef Tad Siembida’s famously fun and informative classes so YOU can learn to make them yourself!  His hands-on training removes the mystery from your Grandma’s favorite recipes and allows you to absorb some knowledge and experience.
These classes sell out because of their reputation for fun and laughter.
Class: Sunday, October 26, 2014 1-5 PM     Pierogi      Cost: $25 per class or $175 for the year-long series
To register, go online to website or call 330-333-9724.

Polish History Lecture Series Part Two Announced
Our Polish history series has been very enlightening for all the participants. There is so much about our dramatic past that we don’t know. What I have enjoyed most about the class is the ability to ask questions and discuss topics along the way. It might send us off on a different path than the lecturer planned, but each lecturer has been engaging, accommodating and pleased that we were interested. You can step in at any time without registration or participation in past classes. All classes will take place at First Presbyterian Church on Wick Avenue. Adequate parking and security will be available. Cost: FREE   For more information on classes, call 330-333-9724. Here’s what we have upcoming: 

LECTURE #4  Wednesday, November 12          6 PM
World War II and its effects on Poland
Presented by Dr. Helene Sinnreich, Director, Center for Judaic & Holocaust Studies, Department of History, Youngstown State University

LECTURE #5  Sunday, November 16      1 PM
John Paull II: Taking Poland from Behind the Iron Curtain through Solidarity
Presented by Fr. Joseph Rudjak,
Pastor, Holy Apostles Parish, Youngstown

LECTURE #6  Wednesday, December 2            6 PM
From Solidarity to leading the European Union: Poland Today
Presented by Dr. Edward Horowitz, Associate Professor & Director of the Polish Studies Initiative, Cleveland State University

News from Poland
by Ted Mirercki
Poland arrests alleged Russian spies
"Two agents of the Russian state"—a high-ranking military officer and a lawyer—were charged with espionage in Warsaw then sent to prison to await trial last week. Although prosecutors were reluctant to name which country the men were accused of spying for, a military prosecutor clarified that the officer was indicted for "collaborating with a foreign intelligence service…and passing on sensitive information." The men were arrested in simultaneous raids, but the prosecutor said there was no proof the men were working in tandem. The charges come at a time of increasing tension between the two nations stemming from Russia's annexation of Crimea. Learn more about this story in the most recent edition of Polish Media Watch. 

Calendar Highlights
Thursday, October 23 6 PM Polish Cinema “Ida”... Sunday, October 26 1 PM Polska Kuchnia – October: Pierogi... Wednesday, November 12 6 PM Polish History Series Lecture #4 World War II in the Poland... Sunday, November 16 1 PM Polish History Series Lecture #5 John Paull II: Taking Poland from Behind the Iron Curtain thru Solidarity... Sunday, Nov 23 1-5 PM The Artistry of Wigilia: Polish Crafts & Traditions Workshop

Video of the Month

Polish Media Watch

Polish Words of the Month

·         Beach-plaża

·         Ice cream-lody

·         Sandals-sandały

·         Party-strona

·         Friends-przyjaciele

·         Fruit-owoc

·         Travel-podróżować

·         Ocean-morze